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Not Feeling Like You Anymore?

Life can be stressful. Pain can be debilitating.

For many of us, daily life/responsibilities can be overwhelming, when you add family, health, and social life into the mix, you’re left feeling lethargic and drained.

You can take back control of your life by making one simple change.

Try adding a cannabinol to your daily routine.  CBD can be used to supplement your overall health.

Cherry Blossom CBD products are naturally crafted so you can find you again, naturally.

Want to learn more about the benefits of CBD?      Ready to order?


Gummies seem to be everywhere these days, even in medicines but so many people cannot enjoy them due to dietary or restrictions or other various reasons. We heard you and came up with a true combination of taste, social responsibility, nutrition and effectiveness! Our all-natural, gluten free, 100% gelatin free..yes you read that correctly…GELATIN FREE! Our pectin-basedrecipe is an industry leading formulation resulting in a both flavorful and effective way to absorb. And gummies are always fun and ours come in 3 fun flavors: Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Mixed Berry! As with all ofour other products, Cherry Blossom’s high dosage CBD gummies are made from full spectrum MCT oil and US grown and extracted hemp. Available in a 300mg/30 count bottle, one to three per month depending on need should do wonders for the body and mind while offering fantastic flavor. Logging in at a lean 15 calories and a mere 2g of sugar per gummy, you can enjoy them without any guilt as well.


Your skin is your largest organ, covering the entire human body! It breathes, it protects, and it harnesses the sensation of touch. With that in mindour scientists at Cherry Blossom have created much more than just a topical, it is a transdermal lotion that allows for quick absorption of CBD and leaves no oily residue. With no greasy consistency, our transdermal lotion offers a clean cooling relief of muscular and joint pain with a light scent of natural plant terpenes and essential oils.


"My dad started on a daily regimen of tincture about 2 months ago. He takes half a dropper twice a day. His goal was to reduce the amount of pain medicine he is taking for his chronic back pain. He has not only
reduce his pain meds by HALF but he is moving a lot more & taking walks. That is huge for him, and being in his 70's he was/is very set in his ways, but with a open mind he is now a TRUE BELIEVER that CBD works! Truly recommend Cherry Blossom products! They Work!"

MD Customer May 18, 2019

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