3rd Party Testing

The CBD industry has had a meteoric explosion in the last few years, and this growth is not slowing anytime soon. There are hundreds of CBD products on the market including tinctures (oil), topicals (lotions), and edibles (gummies and more). With this explosion of growth in the CBD industry, the consumer market has been overwhelmed with cheap, low-quality products produced by those looking to take advantage of a highly lucrative industry without considering the health and safety of its customers.

CBD, the non-psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, is federally legal across the U.S. as long as the hemp CBD is derived from contains less than 0.3% THC. However, there is no federal regulation that holds suppliers accountable for delivering the highest and safest quality of their CBD. As a results, many companies are getting away with selling low-quality CBD products without having to disclose the source of the cannabinoids used or the process of extraction to their consumers, or even where or how the hemp is being grown. In some cases, cheaper CBD lines have been proven to have been grown in China, using USA – banned chemicals in its production.

So how can you, the customer, know if the CBD product line which you are considering is not only effective, but safe? At this point in the industry, the best way to ensure the quality of your CBD product is to require seeing the 3rd party testing analysis of the batch.

Cherry Blossom CBD not only has the testing analysis for each of our batches, but we publish this for your review on our website, as you will see below. These results can not be altered since we utilize a certified 3rd party laboratory.

We are working everyday to create a standard of quality and safety for the CBD industry.



"My dad started on a daily regimen of tincture about 2 months ago. He takes half a dropper twice a day. His goal was to reduce the amount of pain medicine he is taking for his chronic back pain. He has not only
reduce his pain meds by HALF but he is moving a lot more & taking walks. That is huge for him, and being in his 70's he was/is very set in his ways, but with a open mind he is now a TRUE BELIEVER that CBD works! Truly recommend Cherry Blossom products! They Work!"

MD Customer May 18, 2019

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