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Get Back to Nature!

Did you hear that? Nature is calling, and it’s time to answer. We believe that nature can change your life; listening to the ocean can calm nerves, fresh air can alter your perspective, and the sun can boost your mood, however taking a stroll on the beach or a hike in the mountains isn’t always ideal. We have an alternative.

Cherry Blossom has flourished from a simple business idea –to a global supplier of the natures’ resource, cannabidiol (CBD)

Similar to brushing your teeth, eating breakfast, and even exercise, CBD can be an excellent addition to your routine.  We believe by doing this, you will notice a difference in your mood,and that  you are starting to feel better, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You will begin to feel  like “YOU” again.

Our founders are passionate about sharing CBD information and introducing it as part of a lifestyle change which can bring a feeling of success, contentment and zeal. They vetted the highest quality of proprietary CBD blends to source for you, offering quality products which are affordable and easy to use.

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Meet The Team

Larry Clark

Larry is a born and raised DC native and proud father of 2 and grandfather of 4 adorable boys. A long-time animal lover, he was that big-hearted kid with the menagerie every room of the house. Even as a child his goals have always been to put himself in a position to help others, to share his success. He now often shares his own real-life CBD success story! Larry spent his early career years working for and managing local restaurant kitchens then progressing to working in group homes and various charitable organizations. ADD had plagued him for most of his adulthood, he couldn’t stay focused long enough to find real success at work. Then, almost by accident CBD found him! Now as a daily hemp oil user he has the energy and focus that he’s been searching for, organizing his weeks and effortlessly knocking out tasks that in the past may have taken him days. He has what most of us are looking for, he’s focused, energized and pain free!

As an owner of the best line of CBD products available on the internet, Cherry Blossom CBD gives him an opportunity to share his personal success with the world.

Now he helps both people and pets find relief through the benefits hemp oil and his life couldn’t be any more complete. Helping other people, helping animals & doing something that he totally believes in! To Larry nothing could be better!

Derek Spruill

Derek is a proud husband, father and grandfather, a DMV native by way of rural eastern NC and a longtime supporter of the benefits of cannabinoids.  As a young boy he would help his mother and grandmother cook in the kitchen and dreamed of being a chef. He saw how their love, expressed through food, helped and healed other people.  Wanting to do the same he took his first job at a local pancake house which solidified his love of the atmosphere, culture and comradery often found in the restaurant industry and was eventually inspired to go to school for culinary arts and hospitality.

The one-time gym regular, Derek had long been passionate about working out hard and maintaining his fitness. He learned through working with food that plants are nature’s little healers, not just fruits and vegetables but also plants containing cannabinoids. Derek began adding them to his pre workout regimen and learned that it was having miraculous effects on his post workout recovery!

He felt like he had discovered something (although he really didn’t) that could help everyone! It was the mid-2000’s and nobody was really listening…yet. Even after a series of knee and shoulder surgeries, Derek successfully continued his regimen of cannabinoids during physical therapy and often recovered ahead of schedule while using minimal to no pharmaceuticals!  

Fast forward a few years and the world fortuitously started catching up to him! People were discovering the awesome healing power of hemp oil & CBD. A modest savings, a couple of “friendly” loans and a series of fortunate meetings gave Derek and his best friend Larry the opportunity to help create Cherry Blossom CBD.

Cherry Blossom helps him share his personal discovery with people who also may want to naturally find freedom of pain, may be looking for help finding increased mobility & activity and help achieve an overall sense of wellness. He’s helping people feel like themselves again, naturally. People are finally starting to listen.





"My dad started on a daily regimen of tincture about 2 months ago. He takes half a dropper twice a day. His goal was to reduce the amount of pain medicine he is taking for his chronic back pain. He has not only
reduce his pain meds by HALF but he is moving a lot more & taking walks. That is huge for him, and being in his 70's he was/is very set in his ways, but with a open mind he is now a TRUE BELIEVER that CBD works! Truly recommend Cherry Blossom products! They Work!"

MD Customer May 18, 2019

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