Hemp Oil Part III – Cosmetics & Topicals

Hemp Oil Part III – Cosmetics & Topicals

It seems like the age of discovery as it pertains to hemp oil, CBD and cosmetics these days. Everyone is planting their respective flags, creating their brands and making their induvial claims. Everyone from massage & physical therapists to almost all of the hair...



"My dad started on a daily regimen of tincture about 2 months ago. He takes half a dropper twice a day. His goal was to reduce the amount of pain medicine he is taking for his chronic back pain. He has not only
reduce his pain meds by HALF but he is moving a lot more & taking walks. That is huge for him, and being in his 70's he was/is very set in his ways, but with a open mind he is now a TRUE BELIEVER that CBD works! Truly recommend Cherry Blossom products! They Work!"

MD Customer May 18, 2019

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