Good day all, I’m Derek with Cherry Blossom CBD. We are an online retailer and distributor of top quality CBD products, both wholesale and retail, and are located in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, specifically in the Maryland part of the DMV (that stands for DC, MD and VA for all of you that may not be familiar with the acronym….go Nats!). We currently offer a line of hemp oil-based products, made from 100% American grown and organically processed hemp and utilizing the whole plant. Using the whole plant extract in our formulations and not just one isolated compound enables our products to offer a more complete and impactful level of relief of pain, inflammation and anxiety than some other product lines that only utilize the isolated CBD compound.

So, what does all of that mean? We’ll get back isolates and various forms of extraction in another post, but for today, let’s get into the how and why’s of hemp oil and CBD.  I’ll say that we do a fair share of farmer’s markets and other face to face events here in the DMV and some of the most common questions that we get when people approach out booth is “I’ve heard of CBD but what is it and why should I be taking it?”. Chances are they have heard something about CBD and hemp oil in the last year and they’re intrigued.  So to start this blog series off, I thought that we would start by simply getting those two questions answered.

Hemp oil is the byproduct of hemp, formerly an irreplaceable cash crop in the colonial and industrial periods of North and South America that coincidentally produces an oil high in cannabinoids, CBD in particular. Of the numerous photo cannabinoids, (meaning those that are naturally present in plants) , THC and CBD are the most present with THC being more present in more traditional cannabis plant or what we generally call marijuana. In hemp however, CBD is king with THC making a very minor appearance in its DNA profile. Once harvested the hemp is often processed into an oil that is high in life nurturing CBD compounds as well as other beneficial cannabinoids. All mammals, especially humans, are designed by nature with an endocannabinoid system (meaning that is naturally present WITHIN the body) that is eagerly waiting to be fed by photo cannabinoids.

In short, cannabinoids naturally present in plants are feeding a cannabinoid system that is naturally present in the body of all mammals, humans and pets included.

I cannot think of too many things on the planet so aligned for one another than that.

Next time we’ll dig a little further!


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