One of the most effective and fast acting ways of using CBD is in the form of a tincture. Mankind has been making tinctures as supplements and medicines alike since ancient ages in efforts to heal whatever ailed them. Likely because most everyone, young and old, can handle a small amount of liquid especially when its administered sublingually or under the tongue. Tincture can also be applied topically but we will touch on that in another post, one focused more on topicals.

Back to sublingual; there are an abundance of open tissue under your tongue which allows for optimal absorption when dosing. In hemp oil especially, this results in the curative properties in the oil being fully absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing our entire digestive system (hence the fast acting) where it goes to our eagerly awaiting endocannabinoid system. Remember that from our last post? No worries, it’s probably going to come up again. ?

How is tincture produced?
There are various ways of making tincture primarily depending on the way that the essential oils are extracted from a given botanical or simply what makes the most sense. Through most of time hemp oil has been traditionally extracted by agitating the plant with the force of water or water and ice. Advancements in extraction techniques now allow us to use distillation techniques or pressurized gas to extract the oil resulting in a cleaner product with a much higher yield of “finished product”. Once the raw hemp oil is extracted it could be bottled and sold as it but more than likely is going to be added to a base formulation, to create or enhance another product, or mixed with a carrier oil. Carrier oils are what we call the oil that is blended with the hemp extract. Examples of hemp carrier oils include olive, hemp, hemp seed, grapeseed, coconut and its by product MCT (multi chain triglyceride) oil. Most tinctures available on the market are either alcohol or oil based with some form of CBD extract added. Some can be found with additives like terpenes, herbs, fragrances, stimulants, sleep aids etc. often round out the formulas.

At Cherry Blossom CBD our tincture is made from whole plant hemp extract, for maximum impact and relief, with an MCT oil carrier oil, natural citrus flavors and natural terpenes resulting in a smooth & palate pleasing Citrus Crème flavor. The MCT oil offers a multitude of scientifically proven benefits,
including its ability to help with weight loss or maintenance, heart health protection, properties, improved energy levels, mood enhancement, gut cleansing in addition to digestion and nutrient absorption support. Most surprisingly, MCT oil has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties
making it an obvious choice for our formulation and for our clients’ health and well-being!

See, we love you LOL!

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