CBD Botanical Capsules(1500mg total CBD)



-High CBD gel caps with Willow Bark & Rose Hips, easily transportable, easy to ingest

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Capsules: Created for those moments or days when you need something that will keep you on your game all dayCherry Blossom CBD had introduced the first high dose CBD capsule created for everyone. Seniors, athletes, students, moms, professionals…we all need help to feel our best every day. 

Today’s world is pressure packed, but that doesn’t mean it has to get the best of youWith Cherry Blossom’s allnatural CBD capsules, you can stay clear, focused, and in control. We all have our ups and downs, both physical and mental. Sometimes you may a little extra help feeling as functional and focused as possible on those more challenging days. For that Cherry Blossom’s innovative plant-based capsules are there for you, giving you a high concentration of CBD when you need it most. Don’t surrender to the feeling of not being yourself, be you naturally and Cherry Blossom’s n easy to use high CBD capsule that can be taken with you on the go. Take it in the days leading up to and during times of stress. Ease your anxiety, relieve pain and enhance your sense of clarity with Cherry Blossom’s capsules’ concentrated, all-natural botanical blend. Available in 1350mg/30ct bottle. 

Why Capsules?: High dosage and long lasting, best to take in the morning and enjoy assisted relief throughout the day. Proprietary botanical formula helps with deep penetrating aches and pains, cramps and inflammation. Proactively prepare for times of physical and/or mental stress and anxiety, i.e. surgery, finals week, training for an event, times of swelling and inflammation, after workouts or participating in extreme sports. Made with 100% US grownorganically processed hemp oil and medical grade MCT oil and a blend of botanicals 

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