250mg Total CBD Tincture


-MCT Carrier Oil, Citrus Creme Flavored, All Natural Terpenes 30ml bottle



TinctureOur full spectrum tincture is made from whole plant extract and is a simple and natural sublingual with a strong concentration of cannabinoids! When introduced into your daily regimen, can help your body continually operate in a state of focused relief. Total health and wellness require more than just treating symptoms as they arise, a proactive daily regimen, .5-1 full dropper daily, to promote total health and help you achieve temporary relief of pain and discomfort BEFORE you are suffering.  

Cherry Blossom CBD oil is a whole plant extract, with a high concentration of CBD as well as small amounts of other cannabinoids.  

At 15 mg per ml of CBD, it is one of the highest concentration sublingual formulations available on the internet. Whether you take it every day or only as needed, Cherry Blossom’s whole plant extraction offers your body all the great things that CBD has to offer.  

Why TinctureTincture is the most commonly used form of CBD oil ingestion, probably due to is familiarity and fast absorption rate. It naturally assists in temporary reducing muscular/joint pain and inflammation, helps to quickly relieve the debilitating pressures of onset anxiety, helps calm and center the body and mind. Cherry Blossom’s tincture can be used effectively both internally and externally. Made from photo cannabinoid rich MCT oil with a pleasant citrus flavor and made from 100% US grown and processed hemp. 

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